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R&D on bacterial communities and microbiota in aquaculture – from lab to tank

Fagfelt: Havbruk


Oktober 15, 2020

Start: kl. 09:00
Slutt kl. 14:15

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R&D on bacterial communities and microbiota in aquaculture – from lab to tank

Currently there is a significant research activity related to the understanding of bacterial communities and microbiota and potential applications for aquaculture.

This has gained relevance for salmonid aquaculture with the increased production of larger smolts/ postsmolts in closed containment systems using RAS and land-based production of harvest-size salmon.

In order to strengthen our knowledge in this field, FHF has funded several research projects with the objective to translate knowledge on bacterial communitites into tools and applications to improve biosecurity and control of fish health and welfare. This seminar’s objective is to gather the industry and R&D for an update on current knowledge and discussions regarding opportunities for implementations and applications for aquaculture and needs for further research.

NB: The webinar will be held in English


0900-0905          Welcome - Sven Martin Jørgensen, FHF                                                                          

0905-0920          What do the RAS-suppliers wish to find out about the microbiology in RAS? - Kari Attramadal, Nofitech                                                                    

0920-0940          Applied Microbial Intervention Strategies for Use in Aquaculture - Kira Salonius, Previwo

0940-1000          Microbial community dynamics during commercial production of Atlantic salmon smolts in RAS - Stine Wiborg Dahle, SINTEF Ocean                                        

1000-1015          Microbiota dynamics-based machine learning as decision support for RAS - An advantageous solution or an awkward challenge? - Deni Ribic, SINTEF Ocean

1015-1025          Coffee break

1025-1030          DigiRAS: Optimizing land-based fish production in next generation digital recirculating aquaculture systems - Roman Netzer, SINTEF Ocean                          

1030-1045          Microbial colonisation of new marine RAS biofilter for post smolt - Irene Roalkvam, University of Bergen                                                           

1045-1105          Microbiota profiling – Interplay between microbes and Atlantic salmon - Christian Karlsen, Nofima/CtrlAQUA                                                                 

1105-1125          Two years into HoloFish: Initial findings and visions for future directions- Morten T. Limborg, University of Copenhagen                                                             

1125-1200          Lunch break

1200-1215          Best practices for analyzing fish microbiomes – Alexander Jaramillo Torres, Norwegian University of Life Sciences                  

1215-1230          Salmon gut microbiota and associations with diet, function and health – recent advances and remaining gaps in knowledge – Anusha Dhanasiri, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

1230-1245          Assessing Bacterial Populations in the Salmon Gill Microbiome - Ben Clokie, University of Stirling      

1245-1255          Coffee break                                                                               

1255-1310          Associations between gut microbial composition and salmon phenotypes - Simen Rød Sandve, Norwegian University of Life Sciences                                                                      

1310-1325          ImprovAFish - towards understanding functional connections between gut microbiome and salmon metabolism and welfare - Phil Pope, Norwegian University of Life Sciences                                        

1325-1345          Impacts of the built environment on fish mucosal microbiome - Jeremiah Minich, University of California San Diego          

1345-1415          Open discussion